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Nikkita Bell

From the mystical land of Los Angeles, California, Nikkita Bell is an author on the rise who seeks to welcome readers to dynamic worlds, exciting characters, and captivating stories. An artist by day and writer by night, Nikkita flourishes in creating something from nothing. From a pen and paper to the keys of a computer, she has shined in the genres of fantasy, & sci-fi (with a subgenre of steampunk), mystery, and romance, and writes short stories, novels, and trilogies. 




Born and raised in South West London, Charlotte has been reading since she was three years old. Her love of reading eventually morphed into creating her own stories and she has finally taken the leap to releasing her work to the world. After studying English and Creative Writing at Brunel University back in 2007, and working consistently within corporate environments, Charlotte's first three novels - The Antonides Legacy - and its prequel Genesis of Dragons are now available. A project fifteen years in the making, Charlotte hopes that the Legacy books will be able to reach out to an audience who appreciate excitement, simplicity and diversity in their choice of books. Charlotte is currently working on a new novel set in the same world as The Antonides Legacy called Wolves of Duty. Part of a duology, Charlotte hopes to gain agent representation through #PitMad in Summer 2021


Luke Courtney

Luke Courtney is 30 years old and lives and works in London. By day, he is a mild-mannered museum assistant, working in a little military museum in London, telling stories about the men, horses and exploits of the Household Cavalry Regiment. By night, he is a self-published indie author writing primarily a range of fantasy stories, though he dabbles in other genres. He has currently published three books: Two-Horn, his debut children's book, Argent Blade, the first in his urban fantasy series, and From The Ashes, the first book of the Phoenix Saga. He is also working on a new fantasy series titled The Girl Who Sings to Dragons. When he's not writing, he enjoys running, painting, gaming, reading a good book and a spot of birdwatching.


Drew Carroll

Drew Carroll is a Chicago based poet and short fiction writer. He has been a member of The Writer Community since the very beginning and is also the creator of We Are Indie Wednesdays. Drew has been writing since since: 2015 and he is currently in the process of preparing his debut work of short fiction. Drew is also a former powerlifter & grappling competitor.


Kat Tucker

Kat - or Katherine, Katie, Kate (but never Kathy) - writes new adult sci-fi and fantasy. She describes herself as an avid reader and certified cat lady and has been writing since she could form letters on a page. She loves being sucked into a unique world, steeped in rich culture and deep history filled with characters that have believable flaws and an innate ability to make a real mess of things. When not reading or writing, she can be found annoying her two black-and-white cats with enforced hugs, or hunting out new running routes.


Sean Donovan

Sean Donovan is a Fantasy author. He primarily likes to write novels but also enjoys a good bit of fan fiction and writing short stories and some screenplays! You’ll probably catch him jamming to some anime soundtracks while he’s staring off into the distance...rather than actually writing. He’s published some short stories and is hoping to publish a novel in the next few years! Also he’s obsessed with comic books.


Carolina SouthLuv

Carolina's love of books started at a very young age with Beverly Cleary’s series Ramona Quimby. As she got older, she developed a love of all things mystery. Agatha Christie, Anne Cleeves, and Georges Simenon are just some of her favorite authors. It is through these novels that she decided to write her own tale of murder and woe. She is currently writing her first mystery novel and working hard at baking cute creative desserts that her main character endeavors to make. Carolina resides in sunny California with her husband of 18 years and three children. When she is not writing, you can find her sunbathing in one of the beautiful surrounding beaches with her family, reading a book, or in the aisles of the local library.


Jennie Fournier

Jennie Fournier is a lifelong reader and writer who began writing and illustrating books at the age of six. The daughter of an Air Force officer, she was home schooled all through elementary and high school. Her military family upbringing took her on a lot of adventures, including living overseas in Germany and England. She graduated with a B.M. in Music Performance with a concentration in voice. She’s passionate about music and working with the elderly, and when she’s not playing Sunday services or “golden oldies” for the spirited generation, you’ll find her buried deep in her first love: writing! She writes historical fiction/historical fantasy with a touch of folklore, twisting family sagas and strong female characters.

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Laura Savage

Laura is a YA/NA fantasy author and friend to Newbie writers. She is the founder of Newbie to Novelist, which releases content weekly, features posts by guest authors, and has a monthly newsletter. She also hosts a writing/reading series on Instagram live titled, Well Read, Better Written. When she isn’t working full time as a marketing coordinator, she is either writing or thinking about writing. Due to her self diagnosed “shiny object syndrome” she constantly has at least two projects going on. Laura lives in the Disney created town of Celebration, FL with her partner and loves that she is no more than a few steps away from an ice cream shop.


Matthew Romeo

Matthew Romeo was born in Newport News, Virginia before moving and spending most of his life in Yorktown. He attended Randolph-Macon College and in 2014, he graduated with a B.A. in Communications. Throughout his school career he participated in forensics, creative writing, public speaking, broadcasting, and theater. In 2015, he began writing his first book, "The Maven Knight" and finally self-published in October 2018. After 14 months of work, he published the sequel on Amazon as well, "The Maven Knight: Ones of Aster". The third and final chapter, "The Maven Knight: Heir of Providence", is slated for release in April 2021. Other upcoming projects include another science fiction series called "The Outrider Saga" and a fantasy series called "The Seawyrth Chronicles."


Vendela Ahlström

V.I. Ahlström was born and raised in Sweden, where a school project on Vikings sparked an interest in all things Norse. The obsession stayed with her through her teens, even as she flew across the sea to live in Britain. 
 As English became her superior language, her love of books and literature grew with a particular interest in fantasy and history. This soon grew into a fascination with mythology and folklore. 
 When she’s not reading or writing, Vendela can be found visiting archeological sites in Sweden, listening to podcasts about trolls and giants, or searching for obscure potion ingredients in Skyrim. She’s currently working on her first novel, a historical fantasy retelling of the Norse myths.

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Jazzi Mason

Jazzi Mason is a writer and content creator for a tech company and her own self-development blog. She's a indie book-reviewer and aspiring fantasy author, shamelessly addicted to espresso, music and travel. If you spot her in the wild, she's most likely at the beach, on a road trip, or with friends. A nomad writer at heart, she calls at least 5 states home but currently lives in CA with her VC husband and their two wild pups.

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Tenaya MKD

Tenaya MKD is a lifelong book addict and lover of fantasy, sci-fi, and superheroes. She has written since the age of one when she sat on her journalist mom's lap to help her type up her stories, but it took the infamous Year That Was 2020 (and an encouraging nudge from her loving husband) to inspire her to conquer her fearful hesitancy and write her first novel—finally making her long-held dream of being an author come true. Her hobbies include reading to her beautiful son, drinking coffee that’s gone cold and calling it iced, collecting notebooks she deems "too pretty" to actually write in, art journaling, and enjoying the delicious, plant-based food her husband cooks when he isn't making music.

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Lily Rooke

Lily Rooke (they/them) is the author of The Dying Light and We Become Shadows, which make up two thirds of the LGBTQ+ dark fantasy Bloodwitch trilogy, soon to be completed with Morning Star Rising. (Check out the soundtracks on Spotify for some writing inspiration!) Lily lives and writes in Tokyo, Japan, and writes about neurodivergence and queer identities. Typically anxious and surrounded by half-finished mugs of herbal tea, they love reading, watching anime, and experiencing the world from a safe distance.


Devon Gamberell

Devon currently lives in north Florida with her husband and two teen boys. They manage a small homestead that includes several chickens, ducks, cats, vegetables, and fruit trees. She works as an internal service writer for an RV dealership, and her hobbies include sewing, paper crafting, and reading in no particular order. Her debut novel is an adult fantasy, The Witch's Crystal: Tales from Isel.


Esme Carmichael

Esme Carmichael is an independent author based in Liverpool (UK). She has been writing stories for as long as she can remember and published her debut novel in January 2021: a dark, dystopian fantasy called 'The End of Everything'. This is the first book in 'The Connection Series', which Esme began writing almost 10 years ago. Esme enjoys putting a dark twist on familiar tropes, creates stories with vivid worlds and writes characters full of snark, body and life. She's currently working her way through editing and publishing her long list of stories, ranging from high fantasy tales to paranormal romances. When not writing, Esme works full time as an ocean scientist and is gradually working her way through her ever growing TBR pile.


Maayan Sulami

Maayan is a writer and podcaster, working on two debut novels. One is a light romcom the other a dark thriller. She feel the balance between the two genres basically defines who she is as a person. She loves storytelling and analyzing great stories which is what she talks about on her podcast, and she honestly believes she could’ve been this generation’s Lorelai Gilmore if she was just a little taller. 

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