How to Create your Author Brand

Hello TWC world!

My name is Nikkita Bell (or Nikki) and I am a science fantasy/fantasy author published in three anthologies! When I am not world building and convincing my characters to ‘do the right thing,’ I am a graphic designer by trade! For the past year, I’ve been helping indie authors all over our community by bringing their visions to life by creating an online presence through branding and marketing!

But what is branding exactly?

In simple terms, your branding is your “look.” It’s what makes you stand out throughout the industry and community. It helps your followers identify you. It’s a logo, aesthetic, and color scheme that you use throughout your website, products, and much more. Today, we are going to dig deep into all aspects of branding to help you bring your author dreams to life!

Your logo/branding is made up of three core elements:

  • Icon/Imagery

  • Typography/Fonts

  • Color Scheme

Let’s break them all down:

There are multiple aspects of putting together your brand and making it unforgettable. One of the most important factors is your aesthetic/look and feel.

But Nikki, how do I know what my aesthetic is?

Well, friend, it comes down to two things:

First, what do YOU like? Do you love ravens and quill & ink pots? Maybe your favorite mythological creature is a dragon or a wolf? Maybe you write stories about space knights with a complex and striking magic system?

Perhaps you love the look and feel of dark academia, the feeling of cozying up with a good book and cup of tea. Maybe it’s cottage core, where you love soft, muted tones and beautiful flowers. Or maybe, you just love every color in the rainbow and want to show the world that you’re vibrant and bold!

Second, it comes down to your genre of writing. There’s a big difference between the look of an author who writes space operas and an author who writes regency romance. You won’t typically see the same color schemes, iconography, or even the same fonts! This brings me to the most important aspect of all:


Fonts are a beautiful thing. Whether we realize it or not, the font chosen for a logo or even a sign at a restaurant will tell you what you’re going to expect when interacting with a brand.

Here are some examples of font styles and what aesthetic they typically relate to: